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About Us

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Solutions is focused on providing eco-friendly carbon neutral solutions to the UK's exponentially expanding delivery and cargo industries.

With home deliveries and online shopping coming to the forefront in today's marketplace, managing the industry's impact on the air we breathe and the world we live in is important.

With the pressure mounted by the local and national government on transport and logistics companies, the future viability of local businesses may well depend on complying with new regulations.

Partnering with EVMI Solutions allows clients the opportunity to reduce fuel costs, reduce their global impact on the environment and prove to customers that they are maximising efforts to maintain the health of the planet for the benefit of the communities we live in.


Our Story

EVMI Solutions Ltd is a provider of zero-emissions Last-Mile delivery solutions for both business and individual customers. 



We're committed to supporting our delivery service partners to deploy electric vehicle fleets


EVMI Solutions we are looking to solve this by introducing a range of fully electric three-wheel delivery vehicles that are stable, agile and nimble to assist with making the air we breathe cleaner for everyone. Across a current range of 3 vehicle specifications to choose from all have been designed to fill the space of a delivery scooter. As they are roughly the same width they are afforded the same accessibility, allowing couriers to make the same journeys at the same pace whilst not polluting their immediate environment. The compact size can solve various problems in urban areas such as lack of parking spaces, narrow roads and traffic congestion. This is an extremely efficient urban logistics solution for a single person to transport smaller loads for express delivery, powered by clean electric energy. 

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